Raw Till 4.

Raw till four. Why on earth did I decided to begin with this thing, called ‘RT4?’ I did it for several reasons. The most important one is my disease that drives me crazy, Colitus Ulcerosa (Yeaah, I’m an IBD-patient). It’s in my colon so I hope that with proper food I will keep the pain and inflammation down. Another reason is that I simply belive that it is a much healthier lifestyle. And isn’t that what we all want, to be healthy?

But what is RT4? I think you might have guessed it already, but raw till four is a lifestyle where you only eat raw food (so absolutely no cooked food) until 4 o’clock. Then you can have your cooked meal, with enough carbs and veggies in it. A lot of people who start RT4, are vegetarian or vegan. I’m not a vegetarian, but I only eat chicken and not more then once a month. I considering to start the veggie life, it is much better. So who knows, maybe I’m a vegetarian within days. I’ve never liked meat that much, and considering that an animal had to die for you, is an awfull thought. But I’m losing track. RT4. Let’s start with the breakfast part. In order to get all your vitamins and energie, you need to consume a lot of fruit. Most people make a smoothie, or eat a watermelon or something. When I hear people talk about it, I always think it’s so much to consume. But I think that is a step I have to overcome, it ain’t much, its just fruit. (ED past,kinda hard to talk about it, maybe later) After breakfast you can eat more fruits or dried fruits. Then lunch. Salad? Uncooked veggies like carrots and cucumber? I know how it workes, so I can do this. Positive thoughts. Inbetween you can have more uncooked veggies or fruit. And then dinner! They advise you to eat a lot of carbs (carb up!) and veggies. No meat. No cooked food combined with fruit, that’s bad for the digestion. Something I’m already struggling with, so I’m not gonna try it. And after that, no fruit anymore, You can have veggies or more cooked carbs.

There are a lot of things that are NOT allowed. Some of these things; oil, sugar, fat (not more then 10%), alcohol, meat, sauce, yoghurt, soda. So I really have to change things, I’m a diet-coke addict. But still, I strongly believe this is something for me, This is what gonna help me, even if it’s just a little bit. RT4, let’s begin.

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