RT4 day 14&15

Yesterday was really nice! I went out for dinner with my best friend, we ate sushi. I LOVE SUSHI. More then every other food in the world. I love the texture, the taste, the looks. Haha, I’m going crazy on sushi, but it just seems to give me energy. Today was a active day for me, but it feels really good. I went for a bikeride from 1.5 hour, and I ran for about an hour. Today I worked, and at work I drank a blackbery-cucumber smoothie. Everybody at work are talking about me, behind my back. Because of my RT4 lifestyle. I thought I didn’t care, I feel good about it. But it does hurt. Don’t they see I’m doing the good thing? Living a healthy life? Don’t they want to feel the same good way I’m feeling?! I’m happy that my boyfriend is supportive. He isn’t eating the same way, but he helps me and he never complains whenever we eat vegan or vegetarian. AND he loves sushi too ^^.

RT4 day 14
Breakfast: dates and 2 banana’s
Snack: 3 ricecrackers with hummus
Lunch; big ass salad
Snack: none
Dinner: SUSHI.

RT4 day 15
Breakfast: 4 banana’s
Snack: none
Lunch: veggie soup and 3 banana’s
Snack: blackberry cucumber smoothie
Snack: salad with chicken peas


xxxx Jazzie

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