RT4 day 21


I went to a bar yesterday with some friends and I had a reall good time. A good friend brought his new girlfriend with him, she was really nice. I find it hard not to be prejudiced  about people; I had made a judgement about her, and I was completely wrong. I based my thoughts about his past girlfriends, who didn’t look good or where nice. (Not to him, nor us) She was understanding, sweet, and truly interrested in us. I had a great time. I also bought a book about understanding and loving yourself. It is mainly teaching you to love from your heart. I’m looking forward reading it. But now about my RT4 day.

RT4 day 21

  • Breakfast: 4 banana’s
  • Snack: rice crackers with cottage cheese
  • Lunch: leftover veggies and a salad
  • Snack: dried apples and banana’s
  • DInner: Pumpkin soup (Got it from the supermarket, mine was 100000 times better) with crackers
  • Snack: another bowl of soup and crackers

ALthough the soup wasn’t homemade, it wasn’t grose. It was more salty and less sweet, but ok to eat ones in a while. I found dried apples in the bio-store, they were sooo good! I’m planning on bringing them as a snack to work or school. It’s easy and quick to eat. How are you doing?


xx Jazzie

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