Banana Island: the results


Well, I’m back from my trip to banana island! And I had such a good time. I did found it hard sometimes. I had some evenings where my boyfriend was enjoying an amazing looking salad, while I was stuck at my banana’s. But I got used to it. I’ve only done it for 4 whole days and 1 morning. I stopped because I had a dinerparty from my father in law, he made some special dishes for me, so I dind’t like to refuse them, But they weren’t fat or anything, everything was HCLF.
Did I enjoy banana island?
Yeah, I actually did. After I got used to large amounts of banana’s, I enjoyed eating them. I also saw (or I thought I saw, it might be to quick to judge) health benefits! It looked like my hair stopped falling out. Also my skin had some sort of a glow, it felt nice. And my digestion was amazing! Me, with all the colon problems,had a good digestion!! I think that was the best advantage.
What I didn’t like about banana Island:
You have to eat banana’s ONLY. So it’s hard to join dinnerparty’s, ’cause the only thing you can eat are banana’s. I had to reject some nice evenings, because of the food. I couldnt eat anything, so why should I go then? I only did it for 4 days, but tis could be a real problem if you wat to do it for a longer time of period. And I literally got sick of bananas. I probably ate to much, or it was some kind of a detox. After 4 days, I craved normal food like hell.
But in the end, it felt great.
DO I want to do it again? Yes. It did make me feel so healthy, and it fixed my digestion problems.
But for now, I’m really happy to eat RT4 again!


xx Jazzie

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