Beans& Love.

I wanted to write something about one of my favorite things in the world: BEANS! And peas too, haha. I Just LOVE beans. I doens’t matter which one. You can make endless variations with beans. And they are healthy. I made this bean salad (see top image) to bring with me to school, and eveyone got jealous. They were all like: “Woaah you’re eating so healthy, it looks so good! I wish I could do that!”
People often say things like that. I find it hard to understand, if you want to be healthy and fit, it’s up to you to actually do that. No-one can do that for you, you need to make the decision to stop eating crap and start eating healthy. So when people say that, I often start laughing, and tell them that this is a normal snack for me. That I like to take good care of myself, and that it isn’t hard.
But for some people it is. They make excuses not to eat good.
But please, stop the excuses and start the realization.
Start to take of yourself. Start to eat fruit. Stop the fat.
YOU can do this, if you love yourself, I wouldn’t be a problem.
Just give your body love, and it will love you back.


xx Jazzie

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