Love to a grasshopper

I know, my title is really weird. Well, so was my meeting with this little grasshopper yesterday. But it is a cute story.
Yesterday was a school day, so I went to school on my bike. While I was cycling, I found this little green friend. He was sitting on my bike. I thought I could protect him from falling off, till I was at school. Then I could bring him to some bushes. But, while I was cycling, he decided to go sit on my coat.
I arrived at school and couldn’t find my little friend, I thought he flew away. But when I arrived at my locker, I found him hanging in my hair! My classes already started so I gave him a spot in my locker..
And when I got back from classes, he was still there. I carried him home and set him free i the garden.
Everyone around me (I told some people about my grasshopper) thought it was weird, thought that I had to kill it. But why? It’s just another small, living creature. Why should I kill it for no reason?
It made me realize we’re not all the same.


xx Jazziee

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