Working and happiness


I want to talk about work and the importance of it. I know that working is the way to get money, to live a good life without some worries.
But is that all? Shouldn’t work be more then that? I believe that you should get everything out of your life, to live life to the fullest. And work is an important factor in this process.
When you have a boring, lame job, with unpleasant colleagues; how on earth would you be able to continue that FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE? Right. You won’t.
Work should be a fun place to go; a place where you meet nice, new and inspiring people. People who want to help you be the real ‘you’. People who aren’t judgemental, but honest.

That’s why I decided to quit one of my jobs. My (former) boss liked it to swear at people. He called us terrible names, and expected us to just listen to it. I couldn’t do that anymore. I didn’t want to work: afraid of what he might say. Isn’t that horrifying? So I decided to work for ‘me’, for what I bij wanted, for my luck and not only for the money.
I felt brave today.

xx Jazzie

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