A sporty lifestyle

Hey everyone!

Today I want to blog about sport. A lot of people seem to think that they are living healthy, when they eat clean food and when they stop eating sugar. But changing your diet doesn’t make you healthy, of course it’s a good begin, and very important. But it’s not all. Your diet can give you more energy, less pain, a better skin and a good feeling.

So when you can have all of that with just a switch in diet, why would you exercise?
Because exercise gives you a positive feeling; it makes you fit, gives you a good condition. It can be a stress-releaser, or can give you space to think.

I myself sport 4/5 times a week. It may looks like a lot but it really isn’t. I go to yoga once a week; yoga makes me feel good about myself, it makes me relaxed. It also helpes me to reflect things better. I run 3/4 times by myself; I like running. I like the feeling you get in your legs; like you can’t stop and your legs are taking over. I also like  to run in the cold, and to warm up during my run.

I’m also part of a running club, we run on sundaymorning. We have a trainer Susan, she stimulates us to run faster, better and she gives us cardio exercises to help us improve distance.
It helps me to relax and clear my mind.


I hope that everyone can see the importance of sport; it’s not only good for your health, it’s also mentally a good thing.

xx Jazzie

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