Want to be healthy?! Become a sleepyhead!

Hey loves!

It’s time for another blog entry, jeeh! I’m so excited about this one, because a lot of people seem to forget this one. And because I like sleeping very much. ^^

Yeah, you’re right; I’m reading a blog about sleeping. Sleeping seems boring, one of the must useless things to do with your time.
But that’s absolute NOT true!
Your body needs sleep, just as much as it needs food or sport.
You probably think that you get enough sleep, but do you?
A friend of mine gave me this article: What happens if you get less than 8 hours sleep?
It clearly shows the mental and fysical damage you put yourself threw if you get less than 8 hours sleep.

I talked about the importance of a proper diet and sport. When you follow the RT4 lifestyle, and exercise regularly, you’re on track. But you still seem to miss something; SLEEP.
While you’re asleep, your body gets time to relax. You can let your sorrows slip away, and you can give your body some recovery.

So people, make sure you get enough sleep, so you can feel fit and energized when you wake up. Sleeping early is hard in the beginning, but you”ll get used to it. 😉

xx Jazzie

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