New years resolutions

Hey everyone!

First I want you all to have a happy newyear. I hope you can look back on a year of joy, love and happines.


Did you made your new years resolutions? I certainly did. I’m usually not the type to make resolutions. I mean, why should you do that for the new year? Why not start now, or tommorow? But then I thought; why shouldn’t I? Isn’t it always good to set goals for yourself? So here are mine.

1) I want to become a conplete vegan. I already am a vegetarian, and I don’t eat eggs or drink milk. But I still wear leather and I eat cheese. Not much, but at least 2 times a week… I want to become vegan because I believe it’s better for the world, the animals and my health.
2) I want to stay on track with my running. Maybe not that much as I’m running now (5/6 times a week) but I want to run for about 3/4 times a week, when I’m capable to do it.
3) I want to give more compliments. And then I mean real compliments; ones I truelly meant. You never now what you gonna get in return; it might be something sweet.
4) I want to smile more and be more positive. I sometimes catch myself being in this weird circle of negative thoughts. I want to avoid that, and be positive.
5) I want to be more aware of my belongings, of my good friends and all the things I have.

I wish you a wonderful newyear! Enjoy the people, your party and start fresh&healthy!


xx Jazzie

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