For the pigglets


I want to mention my veganism one more time.
Because it’s so important, because otherwise it’ll be so cruel.
I know a lot of people, who say that they love animals.
That they care, and can’t stand animalcruelty.
But why aren’t they vegan then?!
Don’t they realise the horror they put on their plate?
I really think that they don’t know, or don’t want to know, what they eat.
2 swimmiing pigs

swimming igs

I find it hard to realise what they eat, that they just don’t wamt to know what they eat.
They rather stay unknowing, then giving up their meat.
I’m happy that I don’t eat these beautiful pigglets anymore, and I don’t even see them as food anymore.
They are just creatures, like you and me.
Throughout the last months I’ve met a lot of ather vegans, who think the same way.
Im gratefull for that, although I wish there were more people who were vegan.
For the planet, for the animals.


xxx Jazzie

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