5 reasons to start drinking lemon water

Hey lovelies!

I drink my lemonwater every day, but what about you?! Lemon water has some amazing health benefits and it tastes amazing to!
But why should you drink it everyday?

1. Because the lemon in the water can help your digestion to get moving. If you have problems to digest, the lemonwater may do the trick. The minerals and vitamins can help your upset stomach. That’s why people also call it “detoxwater”.
2. Because it is way better then drinking soda. It helped me to stop my dietcoke addiction. Lemon water is way tastier.
3. It can help you lose weight. The pectine fibres in the lemon give you a full feeling. And the water helps too, you might think you’re hungry, but you’re possibly only dehydrated. So drink your lemonwater before you grab a snack!
4. The vitamine C in the lemons can help your immune system. The ascorbic acid in the lemons helps your body to fight inflammations. It also helps your body to balance out your iron levels. And that all simply by drinking lemonwater..
5. Lemon helps you to get a nice smelling breath.It combats the bacteria growing in your mouth. So if you drink it in the morning, you’ll have a fresh breath.

You get all of the above simply by drinking the lemonwater!

Why even doubt it? I make a big glass before I go to bed, and it’s the first thing I do in the morning. That way it’s easy to drink enough water troughout the day, and you won’t forget to drink it.


xx Jazzie

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