Getting in your vitamins


I wanted to write a bit more serious post then my last one. That’s why I’m writing about a topic that’s important for all of us: vitamins.
Let’s face it: we all want to live a healthy life. And many of us are already on the good way. They are vegan, or vegetarian, living a plant based life or cutting out sugar.
But what happens if you switch from one lifestyle to another?
Your vitamin intake changes too.
Is that a bad thing?
No, not necessarily. But I wanted to say it, because it can cause problems if you don’t act on the long term. It seems logical, but most of us don’t think about it.
We’re already eating more greens, more fruit, so why would you?


Because every food you put in your mouth, has a different nutrition value. So when you adapted a new lifestyle; be sure to check your blood every once in a while. That way you make sure you’re not getting any vitamin deficient.

xx Jazzie

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