Fat is bad?


I find this subject (fat food) really interesting because everyone, and then I mean everyone, has a different opinion about it.
Are fatty foods good for you? Can you eat fat without consequences? Do fatty foods give you energy or deprive you from energy?
I think the real question is; why do you want to eat fat? And how do you feel afterwards?!


I believe it’s different for everyone. I always ask for a salad at work (photo above) but they always make a dressing with oil. I don’t like fatty foods. But after this salad, and the coconut oil dressing, I always have enough energy to work. So do I want to deprive myself from this fat?! No.
Does it mean I always eat fat?  Not at all. Far from that. I eat fat like I eat sugar: occasionally, if I really have the need. 
I don’t believe the “the fat you eat is the fat you wear “. Yes, that might be the case when you’re only eating junkfood all the time. But some nuts or avocado? Not a problem. As long as you keep it to once /twice a week; I can’t see the problem.

What do you believe? Is the fat you eat, the fat you wear? Or do you think it’s a bit more complicated?

xx Jazzie

2 thoughts on “Fat is bad?

  1. I know what you mean. There are so many foods you are told are food for you, but are high in fat, like salmon and avocado. However as long as these are natural fats as opposed to saturated, they are good for you and can actually help with weight loss!


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