The difference between elephant riding and camel riding

Good evening!

As a vegan I really want that all animals are treated with love and care. So if I decide to do something that involves animals, I want to be really sure that they’re treated the right way.

Last summer I went to Thailand. T1he trip was amazing. I did a jungle tour, and informed about the elephant riding (which was included in the tour). I spoke several different people, and they all told me that the elephants were in no pain, and living a happy life. I believed them. Until I got there. Until I saw the elephants with my own eyes.
It was awful. It wasn’t a sanctuary like the people told me, not at all.
The elephants had burn marks, and they were beaten up with metal sticks.
So although I already paid for it, I made the decision not to do it.
It felt so wrong to support something like that.


I’m now in Marocco, and Vincent and I really wanted to ride camels.
But I was so afraid; where they treated right? Or harmed and broussed like the elephants in Thailand?  I asked the people from our hotel, and they said that wasn’t the case.
We decided to trust them.
It was a good decision.
It was amazing, and the camels were treated the right way!!
They weren’t slapping them, they were walking along a rope, and if they didn’t want to walk anymore, they didn’t push the camels. It was like they treated dogs; they were on a rope, and they gave commando’s to let the camels sit or stand. Sometimes they stroke them.
It was truly an amazing experience. I’m not saying that it’s this way everywhere in Maroc, but here it was. Always inform yourself.


xxx Jazzie

2 thoughts on “The difference between elephant riding and camel riding

  1. Aw, so happy that you didn’t ride the poor elephants. And it would be so fun to ride a camel, so long as it’s well treated of course 🙂


    • I’m so happy you say that!! Because when I went for elephant riding, I was with a group. They all found me strange. It was ‘nonsense’ and ‘the culture’. But I don’t think that’s the case. So thank you for agreeing and for commenting! ❤


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