Calorie counting and losing weight


A lot of people who are trying to lose weight, see calories as their enemy. If you count them, and stay under a certain amount, you’re sure to lose weight. But are you?

As a vegan I eat a lot of fruit and less fat. I don’t eat a lot of bread and more vegetables then other people. So for me it’s important to eat a bit more calories out of fruit then you normally would. Fruit has a different nutrition value then a sandwich. 

Does it mean I need to count my calories in order to lose weight, but in a healthy way? Nope.
I think that whenever you focus on the calories instead of how hungry and satisfied you are, you’re not doing it right.

Of course it’s important to eat enough. You need to eat in order to get energy, so don’t deprive yourself from food!
As a beginning vegan it might be handy to track down your calories, in order to make sure you’re eating enough. But as the time pass, you’ll learn to feed yourself well, and more important enough but not to much!

My tip is: track your calories in the beginning, but stop whenever you made your new lifestyle your own.

xx Jazzie


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