Vegan meet up


I had an awesome day today, thanks to my dear (vegan) friend Ivana .
Ivana has been a vegan for a long time,way longer then me. She helped me when I started living as a vegan. (She gave me the best recipes, and tips)


This is what we do whenever we meet; we eat. A lot. And I always try to make new things, which occasionally turns out terrible and sometimes awesome.

It’s nice to have a vegan friend. My ‘normal’  friends really try to understand and to think about me. But I notice that sometimes they get annoyed by me. By my eating habits. By the fact that I can’t eat everywhere, and that they always have to buy other things for me.
So it can be so nice and relaxing to talk to someone who has the same issues.
And, besides the vegan thing, Ivana is a great girl. We can have a lot of fun together.

I like the fact that I made a friend because of my principles. I made a friend who believes the same thing as I do. I really think I can say that becoming a vegan made my life a little bit brighter.


xxx Jazzie

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