Eating out as a vegan


For some vegans umon us, it might be hard to eat out. I completely understand you.  I still struggle with it. Sometimes everyone wants to eat in a place where there are just no vegan options. What do you do in that kind of situation?


These are the things I always do:
1. I always check the menu online. If that’s not an option, I Google the place and look for reviews.
2. Sometimes I give my friends options for places where I know I can eat. And together we decide where we like to go. Like Chinese, Italian or Thai restaurants. It’s also handy for them; and most of the times no one is complaining about it.
3. If I’m not sure about the menu, I’ll call the restaurant and ask if they can make something for me. A lot of the times the chefs see this as a challenge, and you can always give it a try.
4. If there are no great dishes that I can eat, I’ll order 2 smaller plates. Two first courses are also really filling. And if you still want a bigger main, then you can ask if they can turn the first course into a main. That way you can always eat your salad or veggies.
5. Try to always be positive. If your friends really want to go to a place where you have less options, try to accept it. Next time it’s your choice, try to have fun anyways.

I went to the restaurant where I work (for the vegans near Amsterdam; it’s in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel and it’s called Napa Italia. They serve vegan pizza!) and I asked the chefs if they could make me something nice.  And they did.


I had this vegan pizza, with a tomato salsa and a salad on top. Delicious. I learned that you can always ask if they want to make something special for you.


xxx Jazzie

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