Dinner with friends


I love to eat with my friends. But like I said in my last post, it can be hard to eat out. Another way to avoid that could be eating at home. That’s what I did yesterday, I invited a friend and together we cooked a delicious dinner!


We made a few dishes; at first we made zuchinni soup. After that we had a zuchinni pasta and a salad.
I made the pasta for the second time, it’s still a succes!

The recipe for the soup;
– 4 zuchinni’s
– vegetable stock
– 2 onions
– some garlic
– around 600 ml water

Cut the onion and the garlic and put them in a big pot. Let them cook, and cut the zuchinni in little dices.
Put them in the pot, and cook for 10 minutes. Then put the water and the stock in. Cook for 20 minutes, then blend the zuchinni until you get a creamy texture. And your soup is done!

It was nice to make a meal together;  and it was fun that my friend liked my vegan food! That’s a good goal right? Eating at home can be the solution if you’re scared to dine out, or just want to save money.

xx Jazzie

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