Juice fast day 2


Already day 2. I survived day 1, it went pretty well. Did had a light headache bit that’s also due to the cold I had to face outside. It was freezing and I wasn’t wearing a hat. My fault. I also made a video about yesterday, it’s here. I tell about the juices and drink one in the bus.


About today. Was I excited this morning?
Was I feeing fit today?
Will I continue this fast?
But I wasn’t feeling that good. I was hungry all day. At the end of the afternoon I are one apple. I just had to. I’m not feeling guilty. I also baked cookies out of the leftover pulp from my juices. If I feel like I need to eat, I can eat that. At least it’s healthy. This is the video about today.

A lot of people told me today that I looked pale. I wasn’t wearing make up, but maybe it’s because of the detox. I felt tired and I wasn’t that happy. I think it’s also because I wanted to eat the sushi my mum got. I’m still determined to continue. Let’s see what tomorrow will bring me!


xxx Jazzie

5 thoughts on “Juice fast day 2

  1. I’ve done juicing but just for two days. I actually never felt hungry but one of the keys is to drink LOTS of water. I was told one ounce for each pound of body weight. So for example if you weigh 100 pounds you should drink 100 ounces of water each day. I was never able to drink the amount of water I should have.

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