Juice fast day 4; heavy


I’ve managed to make it till day 4! And yes, today has been a real struggle. I felt so bad during the day, I felt light headed and sick. Around noon, before work, I got a terrible headache as decided to eat something. So that’s what I did. I ate, and I slept. When I woke up I wasn’t feeling like shit anymore.

So what did I learn?
I can’t go without solid food on hard,busy days. I need some food, even if it’s just a small salad.


I’m still finishing it, but I’m not gonna fast anymore. It’ll be more like an interment fast. I’ll drink juice till around dinner and then I eat one meal. And I want it to be a light meal, so nothing cooked.

Do I experience benefits?
Yes! I wasn’t sleepy at all. I did slept some during the day but that was due to my body, not because I was feeling tired. I also feel concentrated all the time. And my belly isn’t that bloated anymore.

I’m looking to find out what tomorrow will bring. Will I feel better now I survived day 4? I’m going to the gym tomorrow, so let’s find out how that will be.


xx Jazzie

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