Starting with a powerjuice


This morning I started my day with a power juice.  I had to be at work at 6.30, really early for me. I couldn’t eat yet, but didn’t want to work on an empty stomach. 

The solution?
A power juice from Brandstof! The juices from Brandstof are fresh (they have a 3 day fresh grantee) and made out of veggies. They have all kind of flavours, and they all give your morning a boost. They use ingredients like ginger or vennel, that really boost up your metabolism.


I think it’s never a good idea to skip breakfast completely, but to have a juice instead seems like a good thing to me.

What do you think about a juice to start your day with? Good idea or a no go? Is it to much of an effort, or do you buy it like I did?

Thanks for the reading, and like or comment. I’m happy to be sharing my journey for a better health with you.

xxx Jazzie

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