Fruit dumplings in Poland


I’m currently in Poland, in the city Poznan. It’s a short trip for my study society, and I’ll be there till Monday. 

As some of you may now, I need to try new things. I find it hard to stap outside of my comfort zone, so I need to train that. Now that I’m in Poznan, I really want to try some new things.


This is what I had; dumplings!
But not normal dumplings; fruit dumplings. They were filled with strawberries and raspberries. They taste really good.

It was a real step outside my comfort zone, because it’s hard to find vegan food and food that I can digest well. Fried of fatty foods hurt my bowel, so I tend to avoid them. That’s why I don’t do it. But I tried this and it was good. I’m so happy I dare to do it.

I’m curious what I’ll do next, here in Poland. I’m here with friends that I trust, besides that I brought my boyfriend with me.

I’ll keep you updated!

xx Jazzie

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