IKEA goes vegan


Recently I went to the ikea to look for a new closet. I didn’t find what I was looking for, but I did had a great dinner together with mum.

Did you know IKEA offers more and more vegan options? I read about it, and was curious to know if the IKEA here had this too.

What did I want to try?
Vegan meatballs!
I like the fact that IKEA spotted the need for Vegan food,  and made an effort into putting a vegan option on their menu. Of course I tried the “meatballs”. You could see all the veggies in it, it has multiple colours. The waitress in the restaurant asked me if I wanted fries or couscous, and I chose couscous.


This was what it looked like. A plate full of fresh vegan food.

But, did it taste good?!
Yes, it did! They weren’t soaky like the ones I made. They were a bit crispy and a little bit fat. They bake them in oil. The couscous was also good;  filled up with beans. I definitely be back for this.

IKEA  well done! You’re making a step in the right direction by adding this to your menu. I liked it and will be back for this.

xx Jazzie

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