London day 2


I already told you about my first day, here is the link to the video. Let’s talk about the second day!

Day 2
We slept okay, we were pretty tired from all the walking. It was again a beautiful day, and after a nice breakfast we decided to go to Camden Town!


It was so busy! We went to the stables and to all the food stands. We tasted some pretty nice street food,  like curries, wraps and falafel. There were a lot of vegan options but it was so busy, we decided to eat somewhere else.

We ended up on the roof from a pub, and I had the most amazing salad.


It was a salad with spinach, butternut squash, beets and nuts. I had an apple cider with it.

I never had drank apple cider before, but it was so good! Especially in the hot weather, it was all that I needed. It had a decent amount of alcohol in it, I don’t drink that often so I felt it right away, haha.


I bought 5 books in this second hand bookshop, in China town. China town wasn’t that much fun, but this bookstore was really nice. On our way back I started in one, it was such a good book that I finished it 2 days later.


We were both sad to go, two days was way to short to see everything. I hope we’ll be back later this year.

xxx Jazzie

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