Londen; day 1


I went to Londen a few days ago. Only stayed there for 1 night, but it was awesome. I love Londen. I went with my mum and we had such a good time together.


We had an high tea, which wasn’t completely vegan, but most of the thing were vegan so everything else was for mum. 😄
Since I watched Sherlock on Netflix (about 2 years ago) I wanted to go to Bakerstreet.  I don’t know why but I’ve been in Londen 2 times since but never went there. So today we decided to go!


Here I am,  in front of his house. I was totally fan girling there. I doubt that’s even a verb, but you probably get what I mean.


We walked around the old Dickens streets and ate lunch in the sun. We ate dinner around Picadilly circus, and did some shopping. I only bought a bag in the Disney store. Cinderella is on it.

I already knew that you can eat a lot as a vegan in Londen, you just have to look good and go to different places. The tourist restaurant don’t have vegan options on their menu, but the local restaurants do. And you can of course always ask for it. I made a video about my day, you can see it here. I hope I made you all want to go to Londen. It’s amazing, definitely worth a visit.

xx Jazzie


City tripping; Antwerpen


5 days ago I went back to the city that stole my heart. Antwerpen. I’ve been there for over a dozen times, but arriving in the city still makes me feel like a human. It makes me feel alive.

I feel connected to this city, and every time we go there I get blown away by the beautiful architecture and the kindness of the people. And I’m lucky,  I only live 1.5 hour away from the city. So I go several times a year.

This time I went with my parents to buy myself some Christmas clothes. And I found everything I was looking for.


We also went to the Christmas market, it had so many cute things! There also was ice skating and several food stands. It was sunny.

And I felt the love. The love for the city, the love for the people. I felt so grateful for my wonderful mum and dad who took me here.


I can’t explain my love and fascination for this city. It’s just something I feel from the inside.
What is your favorite city?  Why?

I would love to hear from you guys. Antwerpen is a great city if you want to do a short (Christmas) city trip. The market gets bigger every year and you can shop everything you like at the meir. The beers are cold and in abundance, the mussels are fresh and the people kind. What more do you want?

xx Jazzie


Citytripping; Londen!


Who doesn’t love impulsive actions? Well, I certainly do! Last week I went with my dad to Londen. Did we plan this trip? Nope.
We received a mail with a great offer, we would stay 1 night in Londen, for very little money. We booked our flight and 6 hours later we flew to Londen.

Did I ever do something like this? No, this is probably the must impulsive thing I did. We arrived around dinner time, and we had a blast.


We had curries in Camden, oh they were so good! The next day we went to Hyde Park, to the Winter Wonderland. It was so big, you could skate and go to various foodstands, and even go to the carnaval! 


Winter Wonderland was so big! It had various attractions.

Of course we made a silly photo. I love my dad. 💜 I was pretty happy, there were a lot of good vegan options to eat. My dad ate “the English way” and had himself some sausages and eggs.


We went to Covent garden to buy some Christmas decorations, and walked around regent’s street. I loved the little Christmas market next to the church. Did anyone else visited it? I liked the way the people talked about what they were selling, they were sitting in the cold. But still found the passion to keep going and keep making beautiful art.

It was funny,because last year I also went to London. And believe it or not, around the same time! We stayed 1 day more. Would I be going next year?

Which city did you visited to buy some Christmas presents?

xxx jazzie


Marrakech review: Camel riding


I already wrote a post about the difference between camel and elephant riding. So, you might have known that Vincent&I went for a camel ride.
At first I was a bit suspicious, I was afraid of how they treated the camels. Would it be good, or bad as the elephants in Thailand? Well, I can happily say that it was amazing.

They treated the camels well, stroke them and gave them peanuts and beans.
They didn’t hurt them; and when one of the camels decided he didn’t want to walk anymore, they didn’t push them to walk. They just waited, and they tried to command him to walk. It was fun to see, they treated the camels like dogs.

We went for the camel ride around sunset. The weather was great, and we had to wear blue suits like the man in the picture. It felt a bit weird to sit on the camel. But my camel (I called him Frankie) was real sweet. I could stroke him and he listened pretty well. We made a trip to the dessert; it was reallt special to do that on the back of a camel!

After 1 hour we stopped at a berber house, and a woman brought us tea. In French she told us that this house was from her and her family, who also owned the camels. Thetea was Maroccan tea: 4 spoons of sugar for just a little cup. You get used to it.
After the tea we went on the camels again; that was when 1 of the camels didn’t want to walk anymore.
After some beans (see picture above) he wanted to walk again. It was funny, he acted like a little child.
We saw the sunset and it was breathtaking.
If you ever go to Marocco, please to something like this.
But: check it first out, I did research and discovered this tour, were they were good to the camels. Be sure you book something like that.


xx jazzie

Jaz  on the camel