For the pigglets


I want to mention my veganism one more time.
Because it’s so important, because otherwise it’ll be so cruel.
I know a lot of people, who say that they love animals.
That they care, and can’t stand animalcruelty.
But why aren’t they vegan then?!
Don’t they realise the horror they put on their plate?
I really think that they don’t know, or don’t want to know, what they eat.
2 swimmiing pigs

swimming igs

I find it hard to realise what they eat, that they just don’t wamt to know what they eat.
They rather stay unknowing, then giving up their meat.
I’m happy that I don’t eat these beautiful pigglets anymore, and I don’t even see them as food anymore.
They are just creatures, like you and me.
Throughout the last months I’ve met a lot of ather vegans, who think the same way.
Im gratefull for that, although I wish there were more people who were vegan.
For the planet, for the animals.


xxx Jazzie


Life goes by, and so do I.


I’ve had a busy time. And not always in a good way. My grandpa died. And I got a new job, school is just the same (still a lot to do) and so am I. Or not precisely.

Not a lot changed, but I’m trying to make a change towards my attitude. I’m not your typical bitch, but I can be pretty rude sometimes..
I’ve wanted to change this for a long time, but it’s hard you know.
I’ve been this way for a long time, so why should I complete this change?
I think it’s because I really want it. I need it.
I need to be more loving, careing, and just relaxed.

I got this insight yesterday. That it’s never to late to make a change. That I want to be that loving- girl. Now that I don’t eat animalproducts (just veryvery occasionally, but almost never) anymore, it’s time to take it a step further.
Not only for the love for animals, but also for the love for people.
It’s not that hard to give someone a smile, to be more patient and to help the ones in need.
I’m just gonna give it a try.

xx Jazzie


Hospital food; while being a vegan

Hey people!

Time for another blog! Not a happy one this time, ’cause it’s about my last hospitalization. I went there for my IBD. It wasn’t long; I’m back already. But it was hard.
Not only the pain, but also the food. Food is an important factor in my health. If I eat proper and clean I have less pain and I recover in less time.
People with IBD often eat glutenfree and fatfree. So you would say they keep notice of that in the hospital.
Well, think again. I asked them for a vegan meal and that was were they made their first mistake.

Vegan? So you don’t eat meat then? It says here that you can have anything, so would you like the spaghetti with tuna or the patatoes with salmon?

I didn’t even know what to say.
Eventually I got my voice back and I said that I didn’t eat meat, fish or dairy because of my illness. (Thats not the only reason but I doubt that she’ll got it so I tought this was okay)
That she understood. I asked for some veggies, fruit and plain rice.
Within 20 minutes she was back with a small plate of rice and veggies and – Hallelujah- 6 banana’s.


Being a vegan in a hospital. It sure ain’t easy, but I managed.
I hope that next time I find someone who understand me, and the importance of clean food to a healing body.


xx Jazzie


The start of a new year

Hey everyone!

Did you enjoyed new years eve? I certainly did. I went to a party of my neighbours; Paul&Paul. It was so much fun. There were “old people” that I already knew, and new people that I got to know. I talked with people from all over the world, and I got inspired by their happines and positive thoughts.


Me & my wonderful mum

But it’s 2015 now, and I’m feeling brandnew.
I haven’t eaten any meat or dairy yet; I haven’t feel temptated, but I’m sure that’s gonna come up someday.
I ate a lot of banana’s the past few days and I’m feeling a bit like a monkey. All I do is peeling banana’s… I’m not at Banana Island, but it sure feels like it. I’m eating this much banana’s because I wanted to start the year with somesort of a cleanse, and it gives amazing health results. School is gonna start tuesday and I’m not really feeling like it. There’s so much to do in so little time.. But I need to be motivated: I’m in good health, I now I’m capable of doing it; so let’s do it!


xx Jazzie