RT4 day 26

Hey everyone!
I’m think I might start counting from 0 on again.. I’ve been of track a lot while I was on vacation, about a week ago. So it feels a bit weird to say that I’m already 26 days RT4 while I’ve been of the wagon.. So guys, what do you think? I might leave it open.
Let’s talk about yesterday&today. It was my boyfriends birthday yesterday! Yeah, happy me. We celebrated it with some of our friends and his family. He has such a sweet grandma, the one that always gives you chocolat and tells you stories about the past. I like her. Might swap her with my grandma. I don’t actually recall what I ate (I did a lot and I ate on the go) except for dinner. Which was at my boyfriends. His dad is a chef and he made this awesome Chinese veggiesoup. I ate two large bowls. It was nice to talk to everyone and I made him very happy with my gift.

But now, today! Well, today was okay, we have this runningclub/thing going on, and we have a lot of loyal members. That’s why I also feel a bit pushed to go. We have a trainer and we ran for about a hour. That’s long enough for me, haha! But it feels great afterwarts, so I’m happy we went. I made a delicious banana smoothie after my run, I added some almonds drops and that tasted really nice. I learnt for some courses, yeah, school has really started again. So has the learning. We had a BBQ for diner. I don’t eat meat, but my family does. Mum bought some really nice things for me, like sweetcorn and zuchinni’s. Together we made 2 great salads. This might be one of the last sunny days,so a BBQ was a thing to do, to end the summer.


RT4 day 26

  • Breakfast: 1 apple, later a bananasmoothie (3 banana’s)
  • Snack: bananachips and crackers
  • Lunch: soup and some cherry tomatoes
  • Snack: soup with bananachips and later a lollipop
  • Diner: a greek salad, another salad, 2 sweetcorns and some veggies (a few mushrooms, half a zuchinni,some paprika)
  • Snack: ┬ásome candy

I liked today, it was a relaxed sunday,


xxx Jazziee