BBG week 4

Hey everyone!

yeah, I’m already on week 4 of Kayla’s program. I’m starting to enjoy it, it feels nice to work yourself in sweat. ALthough it’s still hard to do it on school or work days. Like yesterday, I had school and a tea date with my best friend. I was back home around 9, and felt so tired.
So I did it the day after. I don’t think that’s a big problem.
I also have a question: Do you guys drink?
It’s, like we call it here (roughly translated) “partyweek”. It’s like carnaval. All the bars in my village open the doors, they sell drinks on the street. There’s also a fair; with a lot of fun things. Everybody meets eachother; we drink, we laugh, we recollect memories.. And everybody drinks.
I don’t drink much, but I also drink a few glasses. What do you think about that?
Here are my results from this week:
kayla week 4 (1)kayla week 4

I hope you’re enjoying it as well,and that we can see some results in the following weeks!

xx Jazzie


Banana Island: the results


Well, I’m back from my trip to banana island! And I had such a good time. I did found it hard sometimes. I had some evenings where my boyfriend was enjoying an amazing looking salad, while I was stuck at my banana’s. But I got used to it. I’ve only done it for 4 whole days and 1 morning. I stopped because I had a dinerparty from my father in law, he made some special dishes for me, so I dind’t like to refuse them, But they weren’t fat or anything, everything was HCLF.
Did I enjoy banana island?
Yeah, I actually did. After I got used to large amounts of banana’s, I enjoyed eating them. I also saw (or I thought I saw, it might be to quick to judge) health benefits! It looked like my hair stopped falling out. Also my skin had some sort of a glow, it felt nice. And my digestion was amazing! Me, with all the colon problems,had a good digestion!! I think that was the best advantage.
What I didn’t like about banana Island:
You have to eat banana’s ONLY. So it’s hard to join dinnerparty’s, ’cause the only thing you can eat are banana’s. I had to reject some nice evenings, because of the food. I couldnt eat anything, so why should I go then? I only did it for 4 days, but tis could be a real problem if you wat to do it for a longer time of period. And I literally got sick of bananas. I probably ate to much, or it was some kind of a detox. After 4 days, I craved normal food like hell.
But in the end, it felt great.
DO I want to do it again? Yes. It did make me feel so healthy, and it fixed my digestion problems.
But for now, I’m really happy to eat RT4 again!


xx Jazzie


RT4 Starting fresh, day 1&2

Like I told you yesterday, I’m starting over! Just because I had some difficulties and I couldn’take the time to really read me into this lifestyle. That’s why I decided to start over, fresh, and full of energy.
I actuall started yesterday but I didn’t had time to post and my pictures wouldn’t open. Very frustrating. But it all doesn’t matter anymore, I just log now.
Yesterday was hard, went to the cinema.It was really nice but hard to resist the popcorn. I wonder, if you make them yourself, if they are RT4-proof.
I had a school day today and I had artclass. Theater. I really like it. My teacher is great, and I get cool feedback from the other students. Yesterday I went for a bikeride, and today I walked for 1,5 hour. SO I did my excercise.

RT4 day 1

  • Breakfast: bananasmoothie
  • Snack:cucumber and 3 banana’s
  • Lunch: mandarines and 2 apples, some veggies
  • Snack: large salad, juice and dried fruit (picture above)
  • Dinner: 4 mandarines and 2 apples
  • 2 Dinner: broccoli and sugar snaps with mushrooms
  • Snack: crackers

RT4 day 2

  • Breakfast: 2 banana’s
  • Snack: 1 sandwich with jam
  • Lunch: 3 mandarines, 2 apples, veggies (baby tomatoes, carrots, cucumber)
  • Snack: large salad with tomatoes and home made dressing
  • Dinner: soup
  • 2 Dinner: pumpkin and 0.5 zuchinni
  • Snack: small soup, 4 winegums

Tomorrow is going to be a hard day, I need to visit the hospital. I need to receive treatment. But my boyfriend is joining me, luckily..


xx Jazziee


Rt4 day 25


school has started today… But to be honest, I kinda like it. ūüôā Not just working, but learning things. I like to learn new things and I have a lot of cool subjects this year. I follow philosophy, history and a few other things. I hope that this is gonna be a fantastic school year, full of good grades. ^^ I thought about how I could get my nutricients in at school. HOW do I do that?? I thought about carying all of my banana’s, but I can’t keep 10 banana’s in my bag. And they don’t fill me up enough, I always crave after my banana’s. Even when I eat 6 banana’s… So I made a white bean salad with paprika and onion, a fruitsalad, and a salad made of tomtatoes and cucumber.¬†

Snapchat-20140902020759[1]My lunchbox, a delicious and fresh salad. The girl next to me was also eating, she first ate grapes (healthy) but after that opened a Mars-bar (unhealthy!). I think I stared at her. How could she do that? All the fat,sugars,E-numbers.. All of these things are bad for us. It was weird, ’cause she was, or that’s how it looked, being a healthy person with her fruit. But unfortunately, not all of us take good care of our body.¬†

RT4 day 25

  • Breakfast: 4 banana’s
  • Snack: white beans with paprika and onion (and hrbs)
  • Lunch: salad with 1 banana
  • Snack: 2 banana;s and 2 apples
  • DInner: 1 slice of toast with hummus and a huge salad with broccoli,beans and other veggies
  • Snack: tomatoes and carrots with hummus¬†


xxxx Jazzie


RT4 day 22&23

Hey everyone,

I got terrible news a couple days ago. I lost my job in the bookshop. It’s hard because I really liked it there and the fired me because of my illness (a disease in my colon, colitus ulcerosa) . They thought that I wasn’t able to work “flexible” bacause of m hospital appointments. It hurts. But I’ll find something else, I’m sure! My RT4 days are a bit harder, I wasn’t really strict RT4 when I was on holiday, but now I’m trying to be strict again. On day 22 I went out fr dinner, my boyfriend and I went to an Indian place, and GOOOSSH IT WAS SO GOOD. I’d never been there before, never even eaten Indian before, but it was soo damn good. I had the vegetarian option, and my boyfriend, of course, not. I was in a lot of pain afterwarts (all these herbs and spices are a bit too much for my colon)

Day 22

  • Breakfast: soja milk with nuts and fruit and 1 banana
  • Snack: none
  • Lunch: 2 pieces of toast with honey and 3 peaches
  • Snack: soup
  • Dinner: Indian¬†


Day 23

  • Breakfast: 3 banana’s¬†
  • Snack: 1 glutenfree ¬†piece of bread with jam and strawberries ( a lot of strawberries)
  • Lunch: a huuuge salad with peas
  • Snack: peaches and carrot with hummus
  • Dinner: salad with tomato,later another salad with cucumber
  • Snack: candy.. (lollipops)

So the candy wasn’t good, but I was on the birthday of my babysit child, she turned eight and she all gave us 2 lollipops. So instead of refusing them, I ate them both. Sometimes it’s hard t say no…



xxx Jazzie





RT4 day 21


I went to a bar yesterday with some friends and I had a reall good time. A good friend brought his new girlfriend with him, she was really nice. I find it hard not to be prejudiced ¬†about people; I had made a judgement about her, and I was completely wrong. I based my thoughts about his past girlfriends, who didn’t look good or where nice. (Not to him, nor us) She was understanding, sweet, and truly interrested in us. I had a great time. I also bought a book about understanding and loving yourself. It is mainly teaching you to love from your heart. I’m looking forward reading it. But now about my RT4 day.

RT4 day 21

  • Breakfast: 4 banana’s
  • Snack: rice crackers with cottage cheese
  • Lunch: leftover veggies and a salad
  • Snack: dried apples and banana’s
  • DInner: Pumpkin soup (Got it from the supermarket,¬†mine was 100000 times better) with crackers
  • Snack: another bowl of soup and crackers

ALthough the soup wasn’t homemade, it wasn’t grose. It was more salty and less sweet, but ok to eat ones in a while. I found dried apples in the bio-store, they were sooo good! I’m planning on bringing them as a snack to work or school. It’s easy and quick to eat. How are you doing?


xx Jazzie