RT4 Starting fresh, day 1&2

Like I told you yesterday, I’m starting over! Just because I had some difficulties and I couldn’take the time to really read me into this lifestyle. That’s why I decided to start over, fresh, and full of energy.
I actuall started yesterday but I didn’t had time to post and my pictures wouldn’t open. Very frustrating. But it all doesn’t matter anymore, I just log now.
Yesterday was hard, went to the cinema.It was really nice but hard to resist the popcorn. I wonder, if you make them yourself, if they are RT4-proof.
I had a school day today and I had artclass. Theater. I really like it. My teacher is great, and I get cool feedback from the other students. Yesterday I went for a bikeride, and today I walked for 1,5 hour. SO I did my excercise.

RT4 day 1

  • Breakfast: bananasmoothie
  • Snack:cucumber and 3 banana’s
  • Lunch: mandarines and 2 apples, some veggies
  • Snack: large salad, juice and dried fruit (picture above)
  • Dinner: 4 mandarines and 2 apples
  • 2 Dinner: broccoli and sugar snaps with mushrooms
  • Snack: crackers

RT4 day 2

  • Breakfast: 2 banana’s
  • Snack: 1 sandwich with jam
  • Lunch: 3 mandarines, 2 apples, veggies (baby tomatoes, carrots, cucumber)
  • Snack: large salad with tomatoes and home made dressing
  • Dinner: soup
  • 2 Dinner: pumpkin and 0.5 zuchinni
  • Snack: small soup, 4 winegums

Tomorrow is going to be a hard day, I need to visit the hospital. I need to receive treatment. But my boyfriend is joining me, luckily..


xx Jazziee


RT4 day 5

Hee everyone!
how are you today? I’m fine, bit tired of work, it was a long day. But I need to have some more energy cause today is my brthdayparty! I invited a lot of friends and family, so I know it’s gonna be a great night! And this time, everybody who I invited are actually coming. Most of the time some of my friends are on holiday, or they already have another party.. But not this time. It’s nice to have all the people that I love, coming over. We made some pretty nice snacks and bought a lot of drinks. I hope I won’t slip, and binge on the delicious food we prepared..
My day looked like this (so far):

RT4 day 5
Breakfast: banana smoothie made of 6 banana’s and some coconut sugar.
Snack: none
Lunch: a large salad and 1 banana
Snack: peas
Dinner: a large chicken peas salad with some fruits before
Snack: ? (I think some aperol-spritz..)


xx Jazzie