Breakfast idea’s


What do you eat for breakfast?
Do you always eat the same thing?
Do you lack ideas, and want to try something different?
Here are my favorite, delicious and healthy breakfast ideas!

1. Soy yogurt with home made cruesli. This is one od my favourite quick breakfast ideas, I make the cruesli the day before and I only have to put it in a bowl with some yogurt. But still, a delicious idea.
2. Overnight oats. You have to make this one the night before, the oats have to sulk in all the almond milk (or soy milk) you put in. It’s really good with some extra maple syrup.
3. Baked oats with chopped apple cinnamon. I live to eat this in the winter. Somehow it reminds me of eating apple pie. It takes a bit more time; you need to peel and chop the apples and then cook it with (soy) milk,cinnamon and oats.


4. Pancakes. I make my pancakes with almond milk and bananas instead of milk and eggs. (One large banana for 2 eggs) It takes some time,but it’s great for the weekend. It really feels like a Sunday brunch.
5. Rice crackers with hummus, tomatoes and cucumber. I eat this whenever we run out of oats or almond milk. It good, easy but it’s a bit like comfort food.


I hope you find my tips helpfull and tasty and of course, good luck with all the cooking, and don’t forget to enjoy your meal!


xx jazzie


BBG review day 3


I told you about my BBG experiment. Well, I’m now on day 3. And let me tell you this; IT IS HEAVY.
Kayla really makes you sweat. But I believe that is a good thing, right?
You have cardio days and resistance training days, but thank God not on the same day.
They’re swopping, so you have time to recover.
I really needed that, I had amazing pain in my musles the second day..
It did feel like I really took it to the extreme, I felt I did something.
That felt so good.
The diet part is also really easy to follow.
You can have snacks, and normal rice portions, or sometimes even more.
I had to cut my banana intake, I ate a lot of bananas. And I still eat more banana’s then Kayla says you can have, but I just like them so much.
And it’s still fruit, so I don’t think it’s such a bad thing.
I have a busy work day tomorrow, so I hope I can still follow the programm..


xx Jazzie