Beach life suits me.


It’s time for another blog. I know you’re thinking: Why, you just posted one. Well, because I like it and I can ^^. And I just want to tell SOMEONE about my day, and I like you guys. The people who liked (or commented something) my blog are all very inteligent themself, and have these really interresting blogs. You know, the ones that let you think twice about something. It’s cool that you people follow me. 🙂 But okay, about my day.I didn’t had to work until four, so I had the whole morning. I went for a run, and when I  came back, my mum came with this brilliant idea of hers: Goining to the beach! So that’s what we did: we got or beach stuff together and we went. I drove (just got my driverslicese, so I still find it scary to drive) and we were there within half an hour. PERFECT. I brought some watermelon and mum made bread with humus for me. The weather was so nice, I got a nice tan. (or tht’s what I’m hoping for) I felt so relaxed. I was listening to the waves, the playing children and I felt the sun on my skin. I defenitely like the beach.