The loyal hearts of animals


Today I’ll be writing about something that has always inspired and also surprised me. The loyalty of animals. I believe they have the most pure hearts of us all. I grew up with a dog, and when he died (I was 12) we eventually got another one. His name is Diesel, and he is still alive. Diesel has a pure and simple soul, he loves us to the moon and back. His life is simple; he eats, sleeps,loves and goes for long walks. But above all; he’s happy. He is always there when I get home, when I’m sick he watches over me and he cheers me up when I’m down. The only thing he wants back is love and attention. We treat Diesel well, he is a member of our family. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Some people hit their animals,  or don’t pay enough attention to them. But will you ever see a dog run away? No. They are so loyal, and are always happy to see their caretakers, even if they slap them. They will never let you down. That’s something that will always fascinate me. I can say that I’m loyal to Diesel, just as he is to me. And in that way I try to treat him like a true member of our family. Because that’s what he is.

xxx Jazzie