Windy days and purple smoothies

Heey fruitbats!

how are you today? I’m fine, had school till 3, and later on people from school are coming to work on our artproject.
We’re making a movie, and I’m playing the criminal, haha.
I made a berrylicious smoothie today. It was a lot, but really good!
I needed a big smoothie; there was so much wind today, the wind almost blew me of my bike.
But it was a good workout. 😉
For dinner I made these peppers;

– 4 pointed peppers
– spring onions
– spinach
– mushrooms
– tofu

Cut the peppers in half. Pre-heat the oven at 170 degrees.
Cut the mushrooms,tofu and onions and sauteed the onions,tofu and mushrooms. Bake the spinach for 2 minutes.
Fill the paprika’s up with the onions,tofu,spinach and mushrooms.
Put them in the oven for 24 minutes.
Put them out, and enjoy!

I found it very delicious! I love my peppers.


xx Jazzie


Love to a grasshopper

I know, my title is really weird. Well, so was my meeting with this little grasshopper yesterday. But it is a cute story.
Yesterday was a school day, so I went to school on my bike. While I was cycling, I found this little green friend. He was sitting on my bike. I thought I could protect him from falling off, till I was at school. Then I could bring him to some bushes. But, while I was cycling, he decided to go sit on my coat.
I arrived at school and couldn’t find my little friend, I thought he flew away. But when I arrived at my locker, I found him hanging in my hair! My classes already started so I gave him a spot in my locker..
And when I got back from classes, he was still there. I carried him home and set him free i the garden.
Everyone around me (I told some people about my grasshopper) thought it was weird, thought that I had to kill it. But why? It’s just another small, living creature. Why should I kill it for no reason?
It made me realize we’re not all the same.


xx Jazziee