BBG week 1 review

Hey everyone!

I just finished my first week of the BBG! I found it really hard to be honest. The cardio days were easy, but the resistence days were hard.
I’m not just to that kind of training.
But damn it felt so good! I know it’s my imagination but it feels like I already gained muscles.
That’s why I’m doing it; I want a muscular body. I want to feel proud.
I don’t follow Kayla’s HELP nutrition guide, is there someone who does?
I found it expensive, and I already eat HCLF.
Here are my update pictures from this week:
bbg week 2
bbg week.

I’m gonna try to keep pn to the BBG, untill I go to Thailand. That is in less than 11 weeks..
I’m excited for tomorrow; my first HIIT workout! 😀


xx Jazzie