Hitting the gym; on the machines


Which of you guys visit the gym? And with visiting, I mean more than 3 times a year. (After Christmas, Thanksgiving and before your holiday)

I recently got myself a new gym membership. I’m very proud of that. I run a few times a week, but I wanted to do something more than cardio.

I got my membership and I went. By myself. I was completely overwhelmed by all the machines, and in the end I only went on a bike and in the steps.
Not what I had in mind.

So, determinate to do it better, I went again. But what to use, and how? I asked it to my gym teacher. She helped me understand why machines can be helpful during your process, and now I wanted to share my new found wisdom with you.

There are a lot of machines; and it’s good to use them on certain area’s. The benefit is that with one machine you (most of the times) train different areas. So it’s always good for something. It can also help training parts that cardio isn’t training.


Going to the gym and use the machines isn’t a man thing only. If you follow the steps on the machine or in the guide, it can be very beneficial for muscle grow and a stronger body.

So don’t hesitate; ask someone to join you and just try things out. If you’re insecure like I was, you can always as an instructor to help you out. You’ve already done the hardest part: to go.

Good luck and a good training!

xx Jazzie


In love with your gender


The title may sound weird, but I discovered that it actually isn’t. I’m doing a project for school, it’s a socialisation project. For this project we need to reflect to our childhood and family, in order to understand where we are now.

That all sounds okay, but what does it have to do with the title?!
Well one of the questions was about your gender.

Do you feel comfortable being a boy/girl? Did you ever felt pushed in a certain direction because of your gender?

This made me think. Am I happy with my gender? Do I like being a girl? I never really thought about it. But now I did, and I came to the conclusion that I like who I am. Most of the time I feel pretty confident, and I like the way I look. I like wearing dresses in the summer, having long hair and wearing high heels when I go out for dinner.

But not everyone does. There are a lot of people not feeling good in the body God gave them. The so called transgenders. I always find transgenders very brave, because they don’t accept what the world sees, but become  to what they want to see. And that’s what the are now, not what the world wants, but what they want.

There was a Dutch girl in Hollands Next Top Model (HNTM) and she was a transgender. She won. This shows that it doesn’t matter where you came from,  all that matters is who you are now. She had a lot of confidence and selflove.
She can be a role model. She shows us that we can always be who we want to be.

And that’s promising and hopefull, for those who are feeling insecure, or those who have trouble with their gender. Society pushed us into pink or blue sides, but we can always make the decision to chose purple.

xx Jazz




I went for my study (social behaviour studies) to the AA. And it opened my eyes. I knew that alcoholism is a real problem, one that has many sufferers. It’s a mean disease that can simply ruin your life. But this meeting, brought me to a whole knew level of knowledge and understanding.

I discovered that not drinking can be the hardest task in life, if you’re an addict. It’s not a matter of “just stop drinking” because that’s to easy to say. They need to do it, combat the fight in their minds every day. Again and again. I found a new sort of respect for the people who where sitting there, who gave me an insight in their lives.

This is not a health related topic, or maybe it is. I’m very happy that I know the struggle that addicts have, and I hope I’ll never have to fight it myself. It brought drinking in a whole new perspective. I hope that everyone, now that Christmas and New Year are coming, will think about this twice. Even in your company there can be one person struggling with addiction.

Take care and don’t forget them, they’re not alone, let them feel that.

xx Jazzie


Brain training

Hello everyone!

The subject of today is; your brain!
Why? Because it’s one of the most important parts of our body, but one we always seem to forget..

Your brain is a funny thing. It’s always developing itself, and some days it’s easier to remember things then other days. Why is that?

This can have various reasons. One is food (or better; energy!) just like your body, your brain needs food in order to work properly. The food gives enough energy to remember things.
Sleep is also so important. If you regularly sleep to little; your brain is always dealing with a lack of energy. It’s harder to concentrate.

What can you do to improve your brain function? Well,  make a lot of sudoku’s. By making sudoku’s you stimulate your brain to keep thinking. Remembering faces with their name is also a good one. Try this one at a party. Try to collect as many names as possible, and try to remember them at the end of the night. Did you knew them all?

I like to train my brain remembering everything that’s on my grocery list, without peaking. The first time it was difficult, but now I’m getting good at it!
Good luck with brain training today!


xxx Jazzie


Calorie counting and losing weight


A lot of people who are trying to lose weight, see calories as their enemy. If you count them, and stay under a certain amount, you’re sure to lose weight. But are you?

As a vegan I eat a lot of fruit and less fat. I don’t eat a lot of bread and more vegetables then other people. So for me it’s important to eat a bit more calories out of fruit then you normally would. Fruit has a different nutrition value then a sandwich. 

Does it mean I need to count my calories in order to lose weight, but in a healthy way? Nope.
I think that whenever you focus on the calories instead of how hungry and satisfied you are, you’re not doing it right.

Of course it’s important to eat enough. You need to eat in order to get energy, so don’t deprive yourself from food!
As a beginning vegan it might be handy to track down your calories, in order to make sure you’re eating enough. But as the time pass, you’ll learn to feed yourself well, and more important enough but not to much!

My tip is: track your calories in the beginning, but stop whenever you made your new lifestyle your own.

xx Jazzie


Rawjazzie on youtube

Good morning!

For those who don’t know; I have a YouTube channel! I don’t upload every day, but I upload  about the things that I find important. So if you want to see some fun vacation/city trips tips, or see some cool vegan stuff, check me out!

I make videos about travelling, but also vlogs and opinion video’s. (Like the elephant riding post; I go deeper into the subject in my video)


I would really want to see your channels too! So post the link in the comment box, and check me out.
I hope you do. 🙂


xx Jazzie
Ps, I also have Instagram!  @rawjazzie


Tips to get your morning started


Some of us have no problem with getting out of bed. Others find it more difficult. Are you the one who always snooze for 20 minutes? Do you set 3 alarms to make sure you’ll wake up? Then these tips might be helpful!

Try not to snooze, but jump out of bed and get moving! You’ll be awake in seconds, and also giving your metabolism a boost.

Drink water. Make sure you have a big bottle filled up with water next to your bed, and make this the first thing you do when you open your eyes. Your body can use the hydration.

Take a cold shower. Just what suits you,if you really can’t stand the cold then find a way between your normal temperature and the cold. If you do this at first, you’ll give your body a shock. I assure you, this one works.

Buy a alarm with a radio option and put it at the end of your bed. If you wake up with a loud of hard sound (voice in my case; I always woke up when they were telling the news) you’ll be annoyed. But because it’s at the end of your bed, you need to get out to stop it. And no; DON’T go back!


I hope you can find a tip that is useful  for you. Try to do it on a day to day base; if you give up after once it will probably not help you. Good luck with trying!


xxx Jazzie