Brain training

Hello everyone!

The subject of today is; your brain!
Why? Because it’s one of the most important parts of our body, but one we always seem to forget..

Your brain is a funny thing. It’s always developing itself, and some days it’s easier to remember things then other days. Why is that?

This can have various reasons. One is food (or better; energy!) just like your body, your brain needs food in order to work properly. The food gives enough energy to remember things.
Sleep is also so important. If you regularly sleep to little; your brain is always dealing with a lack of energy. It’s harder to concentrate.

What can you do to improve your brain function? Well,  make a lot of sudoku’s. By making sudoku’s you stimulate your brain to keep thinking. Remembering faces with their name is also a good one. Try this one at a party. Try to collect as many names as possible, and try to remember them at the end of the night. Did you knew them all?

I like to train my brain remembering everything that’s on my grocery list, without peaking. The first time it was difficult, but now I’m getting good at it!
Good luck with brain training today!


xxx Jazzie


No concentration?! Try these tips!

Hey everyone,

I think we all have that moment; when it’s four o’clock and you’ve been in school for waaay to long. I often get bored, and loose focus. I start to draw, talk, check my Instagram (rawjazzie).
Lately I have these little techniques that keeps my mind where it should be.

1) Put away your cellphone! You can’t listen when you’re busy with Facebook.. It’s just till class is gone, see it as a challenge. (How long untill I HAVE to check my phone?)
2) Bring something to eat&drink to class. You need to feed your body in order to let your mind work. So take an apple or something sweet with you.
3) Write along with your teacher. Write down keywords, or just words that you notice. If you do so, you’ll be hearing and writing, and therefore better memorise it.
4) Ask if a window can be opened. Several studies showed that fresh air helps the brain.
5) Don’t look at the clock. When I see how long I have left in class, the spare time there feels like a mountain to climb. If I stop looking at the clock, and focus on my teacher time seems to go a lot quicker.

I’m having a long day today, so I’m really hoping that my tips will work again. If you thought some were usefull, or if you have some more to add, comment below!


xx Jazzie
Insta: @rawjazzie