Vegan on a budget


Sometimes it can be pretty expensive to be a vegan. Here in Holland you always pay way more for a salad then for a sandwich. Why? I have NO IDEA. A salad seems like a healthier and better choice right? Well, people in Holland don’t think that way. But this is just a small example. When you become a vegan, or a fruitarian, you’ll find out sooner or later that fruit is expensive. It’s cheaper to buy 1 dollar burgers then to buy some berries or mangoes. It’s just something we have to accept in order to become healthier and to be the best versions of ourselves. But still, here are some budget tips.

1. I always try to buy my veggies and fruit at the market. Yes, it will take you some time but it’ll save you money. I recently bought 4 larges sugarcorns for €2.5 while they were €2.99 in the supermarket, for just 2 pieces of corn!!
2. Only buy organic if it’s really necessary. I wish I could buy it all organic but unfortunately that’s too expensive. That’s why I have organic tomatoes,but not organic spinach.
3. Try to buy fruits and veggies from your own country. I’m from Holland, so in the winter we produce a lot of kale. It’s really good for you, and really cheap!
4. Try to mix fresh vegetables with canned veggies. I love to make a white bean salad, but fresh white beans can cost you a lot of money. That’s why I use canned beans and mix them up with fresh veggies like lettuce and cucumber. It’s just as good.
5. Buy frozen fruit for your smoothies. I love strawberries, but they are expensive. That’s why I use frozen ones for in my smoothie. A whole package (200grams) cost me only €1.20! There are a lot of frozen fruits these days, so try to bring some variety in your smoothies.


I hope you can use my tips. I have found them very effective.


xxx Jazzie