Londen; day 1


I went to Londen a few days ago. Only stayed there for 1 night, but it was awesome. I love Londen. I went with my mum and we had such a good time together.


We had an high tea, which wasn’t completely vegan, but most of the thing were vegan so everything else was for mum. 😄
Since I watched Sherlock on Netflix (about 2 years ago) I wanted to go to Bakerstreet.  I don’t know why but I’ve been in Londen 2 times since but never went there. So today we decided to go!


Here I am,  in front of his house. I was totally fan girling there. I doubt that’s even a verb, but you probably get what I mean.


We walked around the old Dickens streets and ate lunch in the sun. We ate dinner around Picadilly circus, and did some shopping. I only bought a bag in the Disney store. Cinderella is on it.

I already knew that you can eat a lot as a vegan in Londen, you just have to look good and go to different places. The tourist restaurant don’t have vegan options on their menu, but the local restaurants do. And you can of course always ask for it. I made a video about my day, you can see it here. I hope I made you all want to go to Londen. It’s amazing, definitely worth a visit.

xx Jazzie


Fruit dumplings in Poland


I’m currently in Poland, in the city Poznan. It’s a short trip for my study society, and I’ll be there till Monday. 

As some of you may now, I need to try new things. I find it hard to stap outside of my comfort zone, so I need to train that. Now that I’m in Poznan, I really want to try some new things.


This is what I had; dumplings!
But not normal dumplings; fruit dumplings. They were filled with strawberries and raspberries. They taste really good.

It was a real step outside my comfort zone, because it’s hard to find vegan food and food that I can digest well. Fried of fatty foods hurt my bowel, so I tend to avoid them. That’s why I don’t do it. But I tried this and it was good. I’m so happy I dare to do it.

I’m curious what I’ll do next, here in Poland. I’m here with friends that I trust, besides that I brought my boyfriend with me.

I’ll keep you updated!

xx Jazzie


Starting with a powerjuice


This morning I started my day with a power juice.  I had to be at work at 6.30, really early for me. I couldn’t eat yet, but didn’t want to work on an empty stomach. 

The solution?
A power juice from Brandstof! The juices from Brandstof are fresh (they have a 3 day fresh grantee) and made out of veggies. They have all kind of flavours, and they all give your morning a boost. They use ingredients like ginger or vennel, that really boost up your metabolism.


I think it’s never a good idea to skip breakfast completely, but to have a juice instead seems like a good thing to me.

What do you think about a juice to start your day with? Good idea or a no go? Is it to much of an effort, or do you buy it like I did?

Thanks for the reading, and like or comment. I’m happy to be sharing my journey for a better health with you.

xxx Jazzie


The potato diet hype


I think some of you (or maybe all) watch you tubers talking about their diet. (I show you my diet in this video you’ll see what I eat on a normal day ) Maybe you’ve seen High Carn Hannah, who just finished her potato diet. It turned into a massive hype, she even made it to the Australian newspaper. But why the hype? Let me explain things the way I see it.

What is the potato diet?
It’s a diet for 30 days, in which you’re only allowed to eat potatoes. Yes you can have some greens on the side, but the focus is on the potatoes.


Potatoes are your source for energy, and you’ll be eating them every meal. All kinds are allowed.

Why would you do this?
Eating one type of food can help your digestion. Your bowel has to digest only one type of food, what makes it a lot easier to digest. It can also work as a detox : it clears your body from toxins. It can help get rid of stomach pain or bad skin. Not for everyone, but for a lot of people.

Why the hype?
I think it’s because it’s something new and maybe ‘extreme’. A lot of people can not imagine to eat only potatoes for a whole month. Hannah also had great results so a lot of people are curious and want to try it themselves. I think it’s the same as it was with Freelee’s ‘banana island’  a few years ago.

Am I gonna try it?
No. I love potatoes, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t want to eat them for a whole month. I don’t see the benefits of that. I love to eat out; to eat with friends or cook with my love. I don’t think I’ll be happy to do this for such a long time. But maybe I’ll try it for a week.

What do you think about the potato diet? Healthy or not? Should I try the week version?

xxx Jazzie


Christmas day; be grateful


Merry Christmas everyone! Do you celebrate it with your loved ones? Do you enjoy a (vegan) dinner? 

I do celebrate Christmas with my family. We eat out, we enjoy each others company and we laugh. We do this every year.
Having my whole family around made me realise something; I am so grateful for all that I have.

I think about all the refugees, that are celebrating Christmas without family. Without a Christmas dinner and without a home. How will they feel?

I realise now that I,  and probably all of the readers of my blog, should be grateful for all of the happiness we have. Of course; we all have problems. Of course we all have troubles; maybe fitting in, maybe finding a new job. But our problems are so small compared to the ones of all the refugees, of all the orphan children in Africa, of all the woman in India, desperate to stand up for themselves.

Think about all the refugees, without a home,family or a nice dinner. We should be more grateful.

We owe them, we owe them in feeling grateful this Christmas.  In feeling proud and happy of what we got. Although we may  have lost someone close, we still have each other.  We have a place to call “home”, family or friends that watch our backs and give us love.

So maybe there is something we can give to the world. Something easy, something we all should be.
So surround yourself with loved ones, show them your love and remember : be grateful of all the joy you a experience in your life. Be grateful for all the love you got.

Love and a merry Christmas,

xxxx Jazzie


Christmas eve; be kind


In Holland it’s now Christmas eve. And I wish you all a wonderful night. I spent the night at my boyfriend’s,  we ate and gave each other presents.

I was really happy and grateful : his dad made a special vegan Christmas dinner for me. He made a lot of veggies,cooked in different ways. And as a starter he bought me vegan sushi. On top of that;  they gave me a lot of presents. Things like a spiralizer, but also a book and a dairy.

Getting all of these things made me realise something. Christmas is about the giving. Not material stuff, but things you feel from your heart. Things you make, things you give, from the bottom of your heart.

Tonight learned me to be kind. Kind to the bus driver, kind to the woman at the store. Always listen and open up your heart. If you do so, or if you try, you’ll notice the love you get back. This love has no expectations. It’s made out of kindness.

Christmas is about the giving: the giving of kindness

I learned to listen, and to love the people around you. Not only your inner circle, but also the mail man, or your hairdresser. Try to open up your heart, and to let the love in. If you feel the love then do the must logical thing you can do. Spread the love. Send your kind words to the rest of the world.
Merry Christmas eve.

xx Jazzie


Citytripping; Londen!


Who doesn’t love impulsive actions? Well, I certainly do! Last week I went with my dad to Londen. Did we plan this trip? Nope.
We received a mail with a great offer, we would stay 1 night in Londen, for very little money. We booked our flight and 6 hours later we flew to Londen.

Did I ever do something like this? No, this is probably the must impulsive thing I did. We arrived around dinner time, and we had a blast.


We had curries in Camden, oh they were so good! The next day we went to Hyde Park, to the Winter Wonderland. It was so big, you could skate and go to various foodstands, and even go to the carnaval! 


Winter Wonderland was so big! It had various attractions.

Of course we made a silly photo. I love my dad. 💜 I was pretty happy, there were a lot of good vegan options to eat. My dad ate “the English way” and had himself some sausages and eggs.


We went to Covent garden to buy some Christmas decorations, and walked around regent’s street. I loved the little Christmas market next to the church. Did anyone else visited it? I liked the way the people talked about what they were selling, they were sitting in the cold. But still found the passion to keep going and keep making beautiful art.

It was funny,because last year I also went to London. And believe it or not, around the same time! We stayed 1 day more. Would I be going next year?

Which city did you visited to buy some Christmas presents?

xxx jazzie