Vegan dinner club


I discovered something new. And I’m so happy I found it. Or better said, them. Do you all know the concept of a dinner club? You go to a location, people cook for you and you pay/or give something in return? (I also made a vlog about my day worth of food)

Well, today I discovered a vegan dinner club, in the middle of Amsterdam. I didn’t knew what to expect, and I hoped I’ll get some tasty food.

I got a really really nice, nutritional and healthy meals!  It cost 6 euro, but this was what I got:


In the cup is lemonade, freshly made. The yellow substance in the little bowl was Dahl soup. The orange sauce on the left was a mango chutney. Then there was rice with cashews, and a salad made of papaya, kale and other veggies. And finally the green stuff on the right was spinach with chickpeas and lentils. Later I got a dessert, a small piece of a cranberry cake, with maple syrup on top.

It was so great to eat with like minded people. They understood me as a vegan, I didn’t have to ask if the cake was made with butter. They all talked about how they knew we could change the world, person by person, by becoming vegan.

I loved it, and I will definitely be back.
Have you got dinner clubs where you live? Vegan ones?

xx Jazzie