IKEA goes vegan


Recently I went to the ikea to look for a new closet. I didn’t find what I was looking for, but I did had a great dinner together with mum.

Did you know IKEA offers more and more vegan options? I read about it, and was curious to know if the IKEA here had this too.

What did I want to try?
Vegan meatballs!
I like the fact that IKEA spotted the need for Vegan food,  and made an effort into putting a vegan option on their menu. Of course I tried the “meatballs”. You could see all the veggies in it, it has multiple colours. The waitress in the restaurant asked me if I wanted fries or couscous, and I chose couscous.


This was what it looked like. A plate full of fresh vegan food.

But, did it taste good?!
Yes, it did! They weren’t soaky like the ones I made. They were a bit crispy and a little bit fat. They bake them in oil. The couscous was also good;  filled up with beans. I definitely be back for this.

IKEA  well done! You’re making a step in the right direction by adding this to your menu. I liked it and will be back for this.

xx Jazzie


Vegan dinner club


I discovered something new. And I’m so happy I found it. Or better said, them. Do you all know the concept of a dinner club? You go to a location, people cook for you and you pay/or give something in return? (I also made a vlog about my day worth of food)

Well, today I discovered a vegan dinner club, in the middle of Amsterdam. I didn’t knew what to expect, and I hoped I’ll get some tasty food.

I got a really really nice, nutritional and healthy meals!  It cost 6 euro, but this was what I got:


In the cup is lemonade, freshly made. The yellow substance in the little bowl was Dahl soup. The orange sauce on the left was a mango chutney. Then there was rice with cashews, and a salad made of papaya, kale and other veggies. And finally the green stuff on the right was spinach with chickpeas and lentils. Later I got a dessert, a small piece of a cranberry cake, with maple syrup on top.

It was so great to eat with like minded people. They understood me as a vegan, I didn’t have to ask if the cake was made with butter. They all talked about how they knew we could change the world, person by person, by becoming vegan.

I loved it, and I will definitely be back.
Have you got dinner clubs where you live? Vegan ones?

xx Jazzie


Juice fast day 1


I wanted to be more prepared and healthier this year. I’ve been sick for a few weeks. I had trouble with my digestion, headaches, and pain in my belly. Last week I also got a sore throat and I decided I really had to do something about it. I thought I had two options;
1. Go to banana island.
2. Do a juice fast.
I decided to go with option 2. So I’m juice fasting now!
I have my own juices but I also ordered some from a Dutch company, called “Brandstof Amsterdam”. On their site they said this;

We make organic juices, made with seasonal fruits and vegetables. We freeze the juices in, so the vitamins are kept inside.


I thought I should give it a go. The (new) job I have, works with them. That way I could get some for a special prize. I ordered some beetroot/fennel and some mango/orange.

I will also be filming about my juice fast. Be sure to check my channel, would love to hear from you.
This is the link. In this video I tell all about the juices I’ll be drinking and more. I’ll keep you updated.

I’m also a bit curious  (when am I not curious?) are there people here who did a juice fast? For how long? How did you feel afterwards? Thanks.


xx Jazzie


Vegan cooking; tapas night


Tonight I had dinner at a friends house. He knows I’m a vegan, and he wanted to make dinner together. We decided to make tapas! Why tapas? Well because I like eating and this way you can eat a lot of different things. It’s also easy for him, because I’m the only vegan tonight. Not everyone wants to eat the way I do. I respect that, so eating tapas is a great idea. This is what we made;


(From left to the right)
– peppers filled with mushrooms, spring onions and spinach
– corn/kidney bean salad with cherry tomatoes
– salad with cucumber, green pepper and spinach
– filled eggs (not vegan)
– dates with pieces of  banana’s inside
– bruschetta
– no-tuna-tuna salad

And today I’ll give you the recipe for the bruschetta.
– bread (I like Turkish bread)
– tomatoes
– garlic
– basil
-olive oil

How to make
Preheat the oven at 200° . Then cut the tomatoes, you’ll only need the outside, the ‘hard’ part.
Cut your bread and put it in the oven for about 5 minutes.
Then cut the ‘hard’ part of the tomato in small dices. Throw away the wet inside.
Cut garlic into very,very tiny pieces, and do the same with the garlic. Put the garlic,basil and tomatoes in a bowl together with the olive oil. Mix it well.
Take your bread out and put some tomato salsa on top. Voila!

It’s an easy yet delicious recipe. I like to make it as an appetizer, or eat it as my lunch. You’ll always score with this one.

xx Jazzie


Christmas day; be grateful


Merry Christmas everyone! Do you celebrate it with your loved ones? Do you enjoy a (vegan) dinner? 

I do celebrate Christmas with my family. We eat out, we enjoy each others company and we laugh. We do this every year.
Having my whole family around made me realise something; I am so grateful for all that I have.

I think about all the refugees, that are celebrating Christmas without family. Without a Christmas dinner and without a home. How will they feel?

I realise now that I,  and probably all of the readers of my blog, should be grateful for all of the happiness we have. Of course; we all have problems. Of course we all have troubles; maybe fitting in, maybe finding a new job. But our problems are so small compared to the ones of all the refugees, of all the orphan children in Africa, of all the woman in India, desperate to stand up for themselves.

Think about all the refugees, without a home,family or a nice dinner. We should be more grateful.

We owe them, we owe them in feeling grateful this Christmas.  In feeling proud and happy of what we got. Although we may  have lost someone close, we still have each other.  We have a place to call “home”, family or friends that watch our backs and give us love.

So maybe there is something we can give to the world. Something easy, something we all should be.
So surround yourself with loved ones, show them your love and remember : be grateful of all the joy you a experience in your life. Be grateful for all the love you got.

Love and a merry Christmas,

xxxx Jazzie


Dinner with friends


I love to eat with my friends. But like I said in my last post, it can be hard to eat out. Another way to avoid that could be eating at home. That’s what I did yesterday, I invited a friend and together we cooked a delicious dinner!


We made a few dishes; at first we made zuchinni soup. After that we had a zuchinni pasta and a salad.
I made the pasta for the second time, it’s still a succes!

The recipe for the soup;
– 4 zuchinni’s
– vegetable stock
– 2 onions
– some garlic
– around 600 ml water

Cut the onion and the garlic and put them in a big pot. Let them cook, and cut the zuchinni in little dices.
Put them in the pot, and cook for 10 minutes. Then put the water and the stock in. Cook for 20 minutes, then blend the zuchinni until you get a creamy texture. And your soup is done!

It was nice to make a meal together;  and it was fun that my friend liked my vegan food! That’s a good goal right? Eating at home can be the solution if you’re scared to dine out, or just want to save money.

xx Jazzie


Eating out as a vegan


For some vegans umon us, it might be hard to eat out. I completely understand you.  I still struggle with it. Sometimes everyone wants to eat in a place where there are just no vegan options. What do you do in that kind of situation?


These are the things I always do:
1. I always check the menu online. If that’s not an option, I Google the place and look for reviews.
2. Sometimes I give my friends options for places where I know I can eat. And together we decide where we like to go. Like Chinese, Italian or Thai restaurants. It’s also handy for them; and most of the times no one is complaining about it.
3. If I’m not sure about the menu, I’ll call the restaurant and ask if they can make something for me. A lot of the times the chefs see this as a challenge, and you can always give it a try.
4. If there are no great dishes that I can eat, I’ll order 2 smaller plates. Two first courses are also really filling. And if you still want a bigger main, then you can ask if they can turn the first course into a main. That way you can always eat your salad or veggies.
5. Try to always be positive. If your friends really want to go to a place where you have less options, try to accept it. Next time it’s your choice, try to have fun anyways.

I went to the restaurant where I work (for the vegans near Amsterdam; it’s in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel and it’s called Napa Italia. They serve vegan pizza!) and I asked the chefs if they could make me something nice.  And they did.


I had this vegan pizza, with a tomato salsa and a salad on top. Delicious. I learned that you can always ask if they want to make something special for you.


xxx Jazzie