The title of my blog says it all; change. And that’s were I’m currently in.  I had some good changes, and maybe some bad. But they all make me stronger.
Some other great news; I finally passed my exams!
After 8 hard years of struggling through high school, I can finally say; I did it.
Men, that feels great!
I heard this terrific news, when I was in Rome (and yeah, I’m gonna write something about that too! ) . What better place to receive something so exciting? !


I’m still so happy about that, and other news; I’m leaving in 2 weeks to go to Thailand!! Isn’t that exciting?! I’m going with my bestie, whom also happened to be my niece. 
My disease is still under control; but for how long? I know doom thinking won’t bring you anywhere, but Thailand is a complete different country then Holland.. The food, the hygiene.. Well, let’s focus on the good things, and prepare myself!
If anyone has tips for Thailand, please share them with me!


xx Jazzie