Fruit on the go

Today is gonna be a long but nice day. It’s still warm outside, I’m wearing my new trousers and I’m going to the movies tonight (with my best friend). Sounds like a good day. But like I said, it’s gonna be a long day. I still find it kind of hard toeat enough on days like this. I tend to eat less, and as a result I get cravings. I try to eat as many as I should (around 2000 kcal of fruit, 500 of dinner) but sometimes I fail to get it all in. I’m not planning on having cravings today, so I made myself food for school. I made broccoli, a tomato salad and I have fruit. I also have rice crackers in my locker. I hope that it’s enough for me. I find it ard to eat on the go, or to plan my meals. Bit time has learned that I really need to do it. I need to take time for myself, and think about why I do it. RT4 is a lifestyle that makes my feel better, feel loved and to hopefully learn to love myself. I think today will be fine, I took care of lunch/snack and I have a lot of nice things ahead. I have drama classes today, and I’m really looking forward to it. Let’s make something of today!


xx Jazzie