BBG review day 3


I told you about my BBG experiment. Well, I’m now on day 3. And let me tell you this; IT IS HEAVY.
Kayla really makes you sweat. But I believe that is a good thing, right?
You have cardio days and resistance training days, but thank God not on the same day.
They’re swopping, so you have time to recover.
I really needed that, I had amazing pain in my musles the second day..
It did feel like I really took it to the extreme, I felt I did something.
That felt so good.
The diet part is also really easy to follow.
You can have snacks, and normal rice portions, or sometimes even more.
I had to cut my banana intake, I ate a lot of bananas. And I still eat more banana’s then Kayla says you can have, but I just like them so much.
And it’s still fruit, so I don’t think it’s such a bad thing.
I have a busy work day tomorrow, so I hope I can still follow the programm..


xx Jazzie