Vegan proof Dutch festivals

Hey everyone!

I think every vegan will recognise this; Imagine you’re at a festival, you’re with friends, and wanna have a good time. You came to dance and to laugh, and that’s what you did for the last 3 hours. But now you’re hungry. You look for anything vegan, and what do you find? Chips and plain bread. A real vegan fest. Not.
I hate these kind of situations. You’re having a great time but then you have to eat something. Eating is mostly a social thing; and you can’t bring your own food. So you’re obligated to buy something there, but there’s hardly anything. Instead of something fun, eating becomes a annoying thing to do. My friends are all sweethearts, and they help me find a solution. But it’s still something I rather avoid. I know that’s not always possible,  but luckily it was at the last 2 festivals I visited!


I went to a movie festival with my boyfriend, and believe it or not, there was a vegetarian/vegan food truck! They served couscous with pumpkin and falafel wraps. Hell yeah.
It was so cool, we even went back the other day to see another movie.


The second festival I visited was Kwaku. It’s a famous Dutch foodfestival located in one of the most multi cultural areas of Amsterdam. And that was shown in the food. Unfortunately there were like 30 BBQ food stands. But, there were also roasted corn and sweet patato stands. I had one massive roasted corn and it completely filled me up. I wish I made a picture but I was way to hungry.

It’s nice to see that there’s also a lot of interest in the healthy, vegan or vegetarian food. If there wasnt, there wouldn’t be veggie food trucks. It’s progress and I’m really happy about it. A lot of people slowly seem to get aware of healthy food and what it does to your body.
If you’re in Holland next year, and you get the chance to come to one of these festivals; please do! It’s a lot of fun for vegans!

xxx Jazzie