Vegan things

Hey everyone,

I wanted to write a blog about things that every vegan may experience sometimes. Just because. ☺

1. “So you do eat cheese right?”
2. “I could never do that!” Yes you could. Just try a little harder.
3. “I only eat organic meat!” So then it doesn’t hurt the animals, right?
4. “That sounds sooo boring!” It really isnt; I eat a lot of different veggies and it challenges me to be more creative.
5. “Then you can never eat out again?!” Is this even a question? Of course we can! We just need to call the restaurant first. (Most of the time)

These are the ones that annoy me the most. Do you have some suggestions to write another blog about, or just have some points to add, please leave a comment below.


Even vegan cakes are really good to make and very delicious  to eat!


xxx Jazzie


BBG review day 3


I told you about my BBG experiment. Well, I’m now on day 3. And let me tell you this; IT IS HEAVY.
Kayla really makes you sweat. But I believe that is a good thing, right?
You have cardio days and resistance training days, but thank God not on the same day.
They’re swopping, so you have time to recover.
I really needed that, I had amazing pain in my musles the second day..
It did feel like I really took it to the extreme, I felt I did something.
That felt so good.
The diet part is also really easy to follow.
You can have snacks, and normal rice portions, or sometimes even more.
I had to cut my banana intake, I ate a lot of bananas. And I still eat more banana’s then Kayla says you can have, but I just like them so much.
And it’s still fruit, so I don’t think it’s such a bad thing.
I have a busy work day tomorrow, so I hope I can still follow the programm..


xx Jazzie