BBG week 4

Hey everyone!

yeah, I’m already on week 4 of Kayla’s program. I’m starting to enjoy it, it feels nice to work yourself in sweat. ALthough it’s still hard to do it on school or work days. Like yesterday, I had school and a tea date with my best friend. I was back home around 9, and felt so tired.
So I did it the day after. I don’t think that’s a big problem.
I also have a question: Do you guys drink?
It’s, like we call it here (roughly translated) “partyweek”. It’s like carnaval. All the bars in my village open the doors, they sell drinks on the street. There’s also a fair; with a lot of fun things. Everybody meets eachother; we drink, we laugh, we recollect memories.. And everybody drinks.
I don’t drink much, but I also drink a few glasses. What do you think about that?
Here are my results from this week:
kayla week 4 (1)kayla week 4

I hope you’re enjoying it as well,and that we can see some results in the following weeks!

xx Jazzie


Banana Island


I decided to start fresh with banana island! I know I can only do it for a couple of days, due to school,work,dinnerappointments. But I’m gonna try to do it for a few days.. I hope I won’t get sick of eating the very same thing over and over again. Has someone tried it?