RT4 day 10- more green smoothies!


today felt like a busy day, although it really wasn’t. I only worked from 10.30-18.00 and didn’t went out or something. I still felt tired. I Started my day with a morning run, not to long bcause of the heat. It was nice. I had a green smoothie afterwarts, and prepared my lunch. Chicken peas again. Some people say they are high in fat, but I like them so much and I feel so satisfied after eating them.. SHould I stop eating them? I eat them around two times a week. Furthermore, I started watching Orange is the new black again, and bought the “80/10/10” book, by Dr. Graham. I’ve heard so much about it, I figured out I should own it then.
Good things: my lovely dinner, morningworkout, new book, delicious Rituals soap/foam for in the shower (It smells SO good)
Bad things: felt so tired, work was boring (no-one is buying books now, it’s summervacation)


RT4 day 10
Breakfast: 4 banana’s
Snack: smoothiee
Lunch: more smoothie and fruit later
Snack: chicken peas salad
Dinner: turkish bread with hummus and mushroom soup
Snack: 3 ricecrackers with jelly


xx Jazzie