Hitting the gym; on the machines


Which of you guys visit the gym? And with visiting, I mean more than 3 times a year. (After Christmas, Thanksgiving and before your holiday)

I recently got myself a new gym membership. I’m very proud of that. I run a few times a week, but I wanted to do something more than cardio.

I got my membership and I went. By myself. I was completely overwhelmed by all the machines, and in the end I only went on a bike and in the steps.
Not what I had in mind.

So, determinate to do it better, I went again. But what to use, and how? I asked it to my gym teacher. She helped me understand why machines can be helpful during your process, and now I wanted to share my new found wisdom with you.

There are a lot of machines; and it’s good to use them on certain area’s. The benefit is that with one machine you (most of the times) train different areas. So it’s always good for something. It can also help training parts that cardio isn’t training.


Going to the gym and use the machines isn’t a man thing only. If you follow the steps on the machine or in the guide, it can be very beneficial for muscle grow and a stronger body.

So don’t hesitate; ask someone to join you and just try things out. If you’re insecure like I was, you can always as an instructor to help you out. You’ve already done the hardest part: to go.

Good luck and a good training!

xx Jazzie


Juice fast day 4; heavy


I’ve managed to make it till day 4! And yes, today has been a real struggle. I felt so bad during the day, I felt light headed and sick. Around noon, before work, I got a terrible headache as decided to eat something. So that’s what I did. I ate, and I slept. When I woke up I wasn’t feeling like shit anymore.

So what did I learn?
I can’t go without solid food on hard,busy days. I need some food, even if it’s just a small salad.


I’m still finishing it, but I’m not gonna fast anymore. It’ll be more like an interment fast. I’ll drink juice till around dinner and then I eat one meal. And I want it to be a light meal, so nothing cooked.

Do I experience benefits?
Yes! I wasn’t sleepy at all. I did slept some during the day but that was due to my body, not because I was feeling tired. I also feel concentrated all the time. And my belly isn’t that bloated anymore.

I’m looking to find out what tomorrow will bring. Will I feel better now I survived day 4? I’m going to the gym tomorrow, so let’s find out how that will be.


xx Jazzie