The title of my blog says it all; change. And that’s were I’m currently in.  I had some good changes, and maybe some bad. But they all make me stronger.
Some other great news; I finally passed my exams!
After 8 hard years of struggling through high school, I can finally say; I did it.
Men, that feels great!
I heard this terrific news, when I was in Rome (and yeah, I’m gonna write something about that too! ) . What better place to receive something so exciting? !


I’m still so happy about that, and other news; I’m leaving in 2 weeks to go to Thailand!! Isn’t that exciting?! I’m going with my bestie, whom also happened to be my niece. 
My disease is still under control; but for how long? I know doom thinking won’t bring you anywhere, but Thailand is a complete different country then Holland.. The food, the hygiene.. Well, let’s focus on the good things, and prepare myself!
If anyone has tips for Thailand, please share them with me!


xx Jazzie


Life goes by, and so do I.


I’ve had a busy time. And not always in a good way. My grandpa died. And I got a new job, school is just the same (still a lot to do) and so am I. Or not precisely.

Not a lot changed, but I’m trying to make a change towards my attitude. I’m not your typical bitch, but I can be pretty rude sometimes..
I’ve wanted to change this for a long time, but it’s hard you know.
I’ve been this way for a long time, so why should I complete this change?
I think it’s because I really want it. I need it.
I need to be more loving, careing, and just relaxed.

I got this insight yesterday. That it’s never to late to make a change. That I want to be that loving- girl. Now that I don’t eat animalproducts (just veryvery occasionally, but almost never) anymore, it’s time to take it a step further.
Not only for the love for animals, but also for the love for people.
It’s not that hard to give someone a smile, to be more patient and to help the ones in need.
I’m just gonna give it a try.

xx Jazzie


Working and happiness


I want to talk about work and the importance of it. I know that working is the way to get money, to live a good life without some worries.
But is that all? Shouldn’t work be more then that? I believe that you should get everything out of your life, to live life to the fullest. And work is an important factor in this process.
When you have a boring, lame job, with unpleasant colleagues; how on earth would you be able to continue that FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE? Right. You won’t.
Work should be a fun place to go; a place where you meet nice, new and inspiring people. People who want to help you be the real ‘you’. People who aren’t judgemental, but honest.

That’s why I decided to quit one of my jobs. My (former) boss liked it to swear at people. He called us terrible names, and expected us to just listen to it. I couldn’t do that anymore. I didn’t want to work: afraid of what he might say. Isn’t that horrifying? So I decided to work for ‘me’, for what I bij wanted, for my luck and not only for the money.
I felt brave today.

xx Jazzie


10 things to do for happy feelings

Hee people,

I think we all like the feeling of satisfaction you get, whenever you’re doing something for someone. The feeling of gratefullnes and appreciation. And this can be so easy, we can make each other happy with these little things..!

1. Bake cookies/cupcakes and just share them.
You can make whatever you like, cake, pie, cupcakes. Stand in front of your supermarket and share your food. Rememr: the way through a man’s heart is through his stomach. And I think that not only men like your treat..

2. Give free hugs
Some people don’t like it, but I do. Just give someone a random hug. And not a normal “almost touching” hug, no give them a real one! Wrap your arms around them and squeeze them tight.

3. Give someone a compliment
And then I mean a complment that you truly meant. Something you believe is beautiful, or just funny. It doesn’t matter, as long as you mean it.

4. Give flowers to a nursing home
Old people like it, whenever they get something small, but meaningfull. Flowers bring happiness, and they will also look good in their rooms.

5. Write a letter to an old friend
Grab your pen and paper and start to write! How long has it been since you wrote a letter? What about ages? Let’s do something about it. It’s nice to not get an e-mail but a letter instead. Think about the joy they will have whenever they find your letter on the doormat.

6. Offer someone to help in their garden
A lot of (old) people like to work in their garden, but can’t do it no more. Also parents with small kids and people with a (small) handicap will like your help. You can work in the sun, you can see the results and you make someone happy.

7. Give your old magazines to a hospital
People in the hospital often get bored, and you can change that and clean your room up at the same time. Collect all your old magazines (and maybe the ones from your neighbours to) and give them to people in the hospital. I’m sure they like it.

8. Make to much food and share it
This one sounds a bit weird but it really isn’t. Just make some more soup, cook a lot of extra patatoes or rice, and tell people (on facebook, on the internet) that they an coe to get some food. I think that people with a thigh budget like their free meal! It’s also a great way to meet new people and to hear interesting stories. 🙂

9. Send a letter, mail or other message to a voluntary institution
These people offer us their help, for free! You don’t think about it that often, but it is acctually really nice and good! So make sure that they get to hear that.

10. Becoming a buddy
This one is the one that last the longest. Becoming a buddy. A buddy is someone who takes his time (mostly around an hour a week) and invest this in old or sick people. You can entertain them, come by and drink tea, or visit a museum! The list is endless, and think about what kind of joy you can bring. You also hear awesome stories, and will meet a lot of new and gratefull people.

I hope everyone tries one of these, let’s share the happiness!


xx Jazzie